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Lumen prints

My collection of prints highlights uses of alternative photographic processes. I am drawn to reinventing the traditional photographic image by exploring an unlimited number of variables in the lumen printing process. Colorful impressions of objects come to live from an interaction with the sun and natural objects by using a variety of expired black and white photographic papers. My arrangements are reflective of my passion for botany and the spectacular details plant structures exhibit. Different photographic papers result in different color qualities of the lumen printing process. Experience some of the magic in this alternative photographic process. Here are some examples using different papers and different exposure times.

36th Annual 64th Parallel Exhibition 2022

A juried exhibition from the Fairbanks Arts Association featuring artwork by Interior Alaskan artists selected by this year’s juror, Allison Baker. Oct. 7-28, 2022. Wicked baneberry – glistening seeds that may stop the heart was selected for this juried exhibition.

Wicked baneberry - glistening seeds that may stop the heart

Rarified Light 2019

A juried exhibition from the Alaska Photographic Center (Anchorage) and the largest annual fine art photography exhibition in the state.  My Bleeding hearts with fiddle heads was among the winners and will be part of the traveling exhibit to open in October at the Anchorage Museum, traveling to Kenai and finally on display in Fairbanks at Bear Gallery in December.

14th Annual National Alternative Processes Competition, Soho Gallery, NY, November 7-25, 2018

45 artists were selected as the winners among 800 entries for this national competition My Bleeding hearts with fiddle heads was among the winners. Honored to be part of this fabulous show.