Ephedra Reference Collection

Ickert-Bond Lab: systematics meets ecology, paleontology, and genomics

IMG_20160622_103912207smDuring my dissertation we made a big effort to collect most species of New World Ephedra and incorporate the species into our living reference collection for further investigation and taxonomic revision.  Richard field-dug the species during our many field trips throughout the SW United States and we also collected seeds in South America or received seeds from other collectors and many species were grown in the IAB Greenhouse at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and then acclimated in Arizona. Part of the collection was sold to a private collector in Arizona in 2006 and is currently being dug (salvaged) by Native Resources International to be relocated to their new home in a Botanical Garden. We currently also maintain a sizable collection at our Phoenix address.  All specimens have been used in many research projects, most recently for our genome estimation project with colleagues at Munich University and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  Thanks to the many collectors and collaborators, who have contributed seeds and of course the many horticulturists who have made this collection a prime resource. It is the premier research collection of Ephedra with a focus on the New World species.

Video of Ephedra living reference collection being relocated by Native Resources Int'l.