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Ickert-Bond Lab: systematics meets ecology, paleontology, and genomics

Lichen walk

Former student Celia Hampton Miller, co-author of the upcoming Compendium of Alaska Lichens led a group of ~ 20 participants on a lichen walk on the ski trails at UAF. Celia has studied lichen taxonomy at the University of Alaska Herbarium and the University of Graz, Austria. She currently works as a botanist for the…
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Sunset over Fairbanks

AKDatUM – we are holding our first workshop – 20/21 Jan. 2022

We are a network of educators, researchers, and data managers working to improve educational outcomes by providing STEM undergraduates and instructors with access to environmental data about the changing North, to build ecological knowledge, quantitative literacy, and engagement through inquiry. AKDaTUM is a RCN-UBE Incubator funded by NSF Award # 2120710. Our first workshop will be…
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