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Ickert-Bond Lab: systematics meets ecology, paleontology, and genomics

Sunrise near Denali NP

Systematic Botany – BIOL331 – Delivered asynchronously again this semester

Due to COVID restriction BIOL331 Systematic Botany will be offered as an online option again this year at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Are you interested in learning about the Flora of Alaska as well as getting familiar with some unique approaches to delivering a systematic botany course online, this might be the one for…
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Impressive dissertation defense

I am excited to share the recording of the public defense by our Ph.D. student Else Demeulenaere last Wednesday. It was a gang buster event with 115 zoom attendants, representing many different communities, kinds of disciplinary expertise, leadership roles, geographies and time zones. Else is part of a joint Ph.D. program with the University of…
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Micronesia Field Work

Ph.D. student Else Demeulenaere is completing some more field work this week in the Marianas.  She started out with sampling the last remaining Serianthes nelsonii population on Guam last Thursday (one mother tree and a few saplings).  Now she is off to the island of Rota, the second southernmost island in the Mariana Archipelago, and…
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Beware Carnivorous Plants

We had a great showing at the open house Halloween event today at the UA Museum.  Fun to see the kids build a venus flytrap out of styrofoam balls while being captivated by a close-up video of a venus flytrap in action.  Our life-size recreation of Elizabite really drew the kids in and scared a few of…
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